Finding the Perfect Prom Dresses

A good dress starts with respected prom dress stores, and while there are many they are not all created equally. Prom dress stores are a dime a dozen, and some even pop up in empty store fronts right before prom season. How does one choose which prom dress stores are the best, and find the perfect gown? Start off by considering some things before heading out to prom dress stores.

Skin tone – A girl’s skin tone can be a big reason in how she looks in a dress. Girls with a darker skin tone should avoid black and brown as it won’t accentuate their tone. They should look for warm colors to bring out the wariness in their skin. Those who have very pale skin should choose a dress that matches their undertone to include peach, pink, brown, green. If in doubt, consider a berry colored tone like purple, dark pink or blue.

Body type – There are guides all over the internet that help a girl choose a dress based on her body type. For example, hourglass figures should stick with form fitting dresses, and girls with a straight shape should pick a full skirt, A-line or empire waist. Have great legs? Try a high-low style to show them off but still look elegant. Dress type is everything because it allows her to show off her assets, but hide those areas she’s not so thrilled to display.

Fabric type – Fabric matters as well, a plus-sized girl will want material that is flexible. The material will play into the overall comfort for the night. She should be able to move and dance and make memories, and not feel like sitting at a table all night. Materials that have some give will be better for comfort’s sake than others.

Prom dress stores should have staff that are knowledgeable about all of these aspects and they should be willing to help suggest colors and styles that will work best. Still, it’s good to know ahead of time so that she can shop with confidence. Be wary that there are many knockoff websites that aren’t reputable at all. A quick internet search will tell buyers if they should beware. In any case, there’s nothing quite like going to the store and shopping in person where dresses can be tried on and considered.

A knockoff is a dress that is passed off as being made by a well-known brand name but it truly isn’t. These sites will take more money than the dress is worth on the belief that it is truly a brand name that’s specified when it’s not. This is exactly why it pays to be careful if shopping online is the only option.

Regardless of where she gets her dress, from prom dress stores or online shops the most important thing is that she is happy and comfortable in her dress, and that it is everything she dreamed of for this unforgettable event. Prom is for memories, and for celebrating the accomplishment of four long years of high school. No matter what happens with the dress the important part is to have a great time and do one’s best to look fab for the entire night.