How To Choosing a Wig

The choice between human and synthetic hair can depend on a variety of factors, such as personal needs, versatility and budget. Each type of hair has its benefits and limitations. Here are some of the key facts that can help in the process of making a conscious decision on which is the most practical choice:

Human hair

If you want the type of wig that gives superior quality than the human hair is certainly to be most favored. It gives a look that is completely natural and is very soft to the touch. Plus, it gives the type of movement and shine that is difficult to replicate with the synthetic hair. For those that wish to change style often the human hair is preferred because it is extremely versatile and can be styled and cut to match the personal taste.

There are several types of human hair used in the production of wigs. European/Caucasian, Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese are the most popular sources of hair. The different types of hair have different qualities which can impact the ability to style and maintain. A high percentage of the wigs are made using Asian hair. Indonesian hair is a popular choice for the ethic style of the wig. Chinese hair is a great choice for those interested in the extremely straight hair. Indian hair is generally quite thin, but still has a texture that is thicker than the European option. European hair is limited in supply which means it is the most expensive.

Beside the higher price of the wigs based on human hair, the other negative relates to the time and effect needed to maintain the preferred style. Also, before this type of wig can be worn for the first time it does need to be styled by a professional to achieve the desired look.

Synthetic Hair

The latest wigs based on synthetic hair are starting to appear quite lifelike and can feature the different textures and deniers. This type of wig requires minimal time spent on styling and is wearable right out of the box. While it is quite convenient it does lack versatility. Most of the synthetic wigs are based on a single style and it isn’t possible to change the look at a later date if you want a makeover.

The synthetic material is designed to be resistant to change and therefore great at resisting frizzing or dropping in bad weather. This type of wig has a shorter lifespan compared to the human hair, and has the potential to last up to six months with proper care in place.