Quality Woven Labels Serve Is Important

Garment branding is one of, if not, the most important aspect of your clothing line. Your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them all about your products and the value they can derive from their purchase. Branding is an important tool of differentiating your product from that of your competitors helping you gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your brand is derived from who you are and who people perceive you to be. In other words branding makes you and your brand more easily recognisable in the crowd.

Branding plays an important role in garments industry where clothing lines are easily recognised according to their specific logos, images, slogans or wordings among other things. Sometimes all these work in tandem to create a unique brand identity.

Quality manufacturers of labels understand the importance branding plays in the garment industry and as such offer an extensive variety of high class labels to meet the branding and quality objectives of their customers. In the fashion and garment industry, it is the label that plays the most crucial role in branding a particular piece of garment.

And when it comes to carrying the immense weight of a brand for the entire life of the garment itself, there are no labels that can match the elegance and quality of woven labels. High quality woven labels hold a unique degree of authority. These labels that are’ industry standard’ labels are sewn inside the garment just below the collar and act as a constant display of your brand’s signature. They offer higher degrees of reliability, assurance and quality as compared to any other types of labels.

Some of the important advantages offered by these high quality branding tools are mentioned as following:

  • They are highly durable and are generally made to last a lifetime
  • They give a look of elegance and quality complementing well your clothing line
  • They come in a variety of type, design and quality.

Weave type

There are three different weave types that are used for manufacturing these labels. Each of them has their own unique set of characteristics and benefits to match with a given clothing line.


Labels made of taffeta are less expensive as compared to labels made of satin or damask. Labels made of this material as such is used extensively in low end or high volume garments like T-shirts.


Satin – a weave with a typically glossy surface and a dull back. They are of higher quality as compared to labels made of taffeta. They leave a smooth sheen on the surface of the label and as such are more ideally suited for higher-end garments.


Woven labels made of damask are the most expensive and therefore used in high street labels. They are versatile and leave a high quality finish. Damask gives you wide range of choice when it comes to design and colour of the labels.