– A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years is a book describing trends in global development. It is written by Jørgen Randers and is a follow-up to . has ratings and 33 reviews. Forty years ago, The Limits to Growth study addressed the grand question of how humans would adapt to the physical l. Well known futurist Jorgen Randers predicts a smaller and less wealthy book A global forecast for the next forty years, so compelling.

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Of course energy produced in a few nanoseconds on a computer screen is not the same as the real thing and accordingly despite massive injections of this phoney energy the economies are flatlining. When it does happen, it will occur sufficiently slowly and incrementally that other fuels can replace its loss, apparently without disruption.

Feb 25, John Carmichael rated it it was amazing. Inflation is a thief in the night, or some could call it a secret tax.

There are still horticultural communities in Africa, but as we know they are being displaced as the land is sold to multinationals who bring in chemical agriculture.

Toby is suggesting how you might design a guild based on an apple tree. This diplomat was surprisingly honest. Start at the 39 minute point. Reducing the value of human energy. In response to this a number of courses of action can be taken.

by Jorgen Randers at Chelsea Green Publishing

If you search for 17th century boots, you will find people who randets make them for you. He says that at that time, he kept the realization a secret: There would be no taxes levied by external governments, no external money, no external rules and regulations, etc. I wonder how long we can hold on to this level of complexity to support such an efficient bulb. With this, you will no longer need to worry, and be able to cheer even the littlest victories for what they are.


A green growth strategy is centered on mutually reinforcing aspects of economic and environmental policies.

In my Independent Study on the works and thought of Derrick Jensen last year, we imagined the utility of an “Intergovernmental Panel on Global Collapse,” a group that could use models and environmental and economic data to form a set of rough constraints and scenarios about the path industrial civilization randfrs take.

We will be continually engaged in adjusting to new emergencies of weather. Retrieved from ” https: So overall, I finish this book very much sobered and concerned, but last week I heard a talk by Tim Flannery promoting negative carbon technologies which may provide the tonic the planet needs to help us address climate change.

Randers: What does the world look like in 2052?

What would flow across the borders would be information and very raw materials e. I think more people should get out and start a garden. Other, more difficult things are made known – poverty will become a worsening issue, urbanisation and the decline of agrarian living are inevitable, and we will generally be unsuccessful in taking required action on climate change.

However, now he 0252 sees more value in coming to terms with our place in the vast machinations of history. More Reviews and Praise Publishers Weekly- Randers has made it his life’s work to caution the world about the dangers of unfettered expansion, and to seek out solutions to current and prospective problems.

They 2502 lacy shade, extremely nutritious edible leaves, and grow 20 feet tall from seed. A clear must-read for anyone interested in what the future will bring. There is a need to make a whole lot of things used, but not made here rope, baskets, metal, feeding the various animals. How much wood would have to be burned to make the charcoal to create all of this metal?

2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years

The world has no exit strategy from its addiction to fossil fuels, the clock is ticking on everything and everyone. I believe that in forty years the balance of power will move further north in Europe. Rznders entities represent themselves as helping us and pretend to be trying to fix things, but instead they are a shadow group of thieves.


In comparison, current indications look much better.

Most important, the prediction graphs are conveniently cropped at raders Perhaps the land could be mowed to clear weeds first then seed drill…. Will humanity come to its senses and deliberately slow economic growth in order to save the planet? Books By Jorgen Randers. There is a reason why 3. I agree that horticulture has more to recommend it than agriculture. Hence, their job is to make sure their people will lose last.

A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years by Jørgen Randers

Becoming more energy efficient. 205 some technological device gain some improvements or features, even though it is essentially the same device? Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references. How much land would be required to support the whole system?

Scarcity of high-quality animal protein—partly from land-based animals and partly from fish and other products randsrs salt or freshwater—will confront us over the next forty years.

The book ends with the pragmatic advice of expected defeat: Another questionable point is that the author believes that China will be the hegemon in a matter of few decades, replacing the US by the year It may still be very difficult to transitions to. The power of the former “LtG” was in verifiable mathematical assumptions presented in code.