Banned in Saudia Arabia, this is a blistering look at Arab and American hypocrisy following the discovery of oil in a poor oasis community. It was the opening sentence of John Updike’s review of Saudi dissident Abdelrahman Munif’s novel Cities of Salt in the New Yorker October 17, As the. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Muruf, ‘Abd al-Rabman. [ Mudun al-milh. English]. Cities of salt: a novel/ Abdelrahman Munif; translated from.

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Having worked in the oil industry in Syriahe moved to Lebanon to launch another career, this time in print journalism, and also took up the literary life. We are introduced to Miteb and his wife and children, who will disappear as other characters are introduced in episodic fashion. How could the men stand to have them walking around and coming near without burning up, without exploding like gunpowder, without sticking themselves like tent pegs into every crevice of those warm, beautiful bodies?

There is also a internal split of opinions on the relationship with the U. After recognizing the connection between the oil age and its problematic externalities, economic, political, environmental, sexual, aesthetic, and even religious, Cities of Salt asks us to contemplate the human effects of its eventual passing.

Abdelrahman Munif and the Uses of Oil – Words Without Borders

This opportunist reaches Mouran surrounds the Sultan and feels able to explain the principles of a modern state. Cities of Salt Trilogy: Superior Western technologies outcompeted old modes of productions.


The novel has gradually emerged in the various Arab societies and following stages. When boats and abdull tankers are seen just offshore, they are frightened.

Abdul-Rahman Mounif

mumif Externally, the Arab world is still haunted by the relics of colonialism and imperialism. My to-be-read list is growing faster than I can keep up and I am desperate to start some really interesting books that I picked up in the last few weeks! People and the environmental components are inseparable.

Norwegian Wood Haruki Murakami. The effect of all these factors will be reflected then on the aesthetic sphere. Radio marks a new stage in the life of rahmah Emir. This is the Lorax spread over pages and it doesn’t rhyme.

When they ask what is in the books, they never get the same answer twice. Several of his sons think they see him at various times, as do characters later in the novel, but Miteb is a mirage, a ghost who becomes part of the local folklore.

The telescope affects not only the subjectivity of the Emir but it also alters the dimensions of time and space, and therefore the given consciousness. Medicine essays Miscellaneous essays Psychology essays Religious studies essays Science essays Aalt essays Essays menu.

The discovery of oil by the US leads in the region, social transitions, economic and technological are not without influence culture. A work saturated in symbolism, its message can be applied to any and each city in the Arab oil countries, where “Arabs have been the victims of their rulers and the foreigners”.


There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Mounif’s constant movements between locations and professions enriched and sharpened his narrative skills to portray Arab life through the critical eye of an insider. It was a plot mechanism that allowed the author abrul create ccities Balzacian panorama cast in a society—the eastern Arabian Peninsula—that had never found its way into modern literature in any language.

Kafka on the Shore Haruki Murakami. See 2 questions about Cities of Salt….

Cities of Salt by Abdul Rahman Munif (2 star ratings)

In particular, the novel is polarized on the emergence of writing and the changes that the phenomenon brings knowledge and knowledge about. Help WWB bring you the best new writing from around the world. Sep 08, Chris Mcmanaman rated it it was ok Shelves: The analogy is alluding to countries that possess abundant oil resources in the Arab World. Showing this unit Hasan Ridal, he asked all sorts of information about the device.

Abdul-Rahman Mounif, who has died aged 71, promoted a new genre of fiction that reflected the social, political and economic realities of modern Arab society.

How it makes the novel account of all these experiences? Because the work is channeled towards strengthening the war machine.