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The past two decades witnessed the implementation of important policy initiatives in this field. The overall effectiveness of these efforts has been, however, considerably diminished by the economic, cultural and civilization gap which continues to separate Roma communities from the rest of the population and the persisting discriminatory attitudes and practices towards them.

Ringold et al,p. In this way, the girls become housewives or work as unqualified workers, or they become prostitutes or beggars. The project will include both quantitative and qualitative techniques.

That is why our paper is focusing on the efficiency of civil sector oriented programs and projects aimed at Roma communities. The Roma have a culture of supported, they rely on the social aids and most of them, including their leaders, have a low educational level.

Anthony Giddens – Szociológia – Free Download PDF

A peculiarity of Hungarian case represents the existence of Roma self-governments, which an intermediary role between leflts authorities and Roma population. Acestea sunt conceptele cheie ce se cer elucidate.

Concerning the relationship between the Roma leaders and the members of the Roma communities, the experts underline that there is a big gap between the leaders and the members of the community, most of the leaders being contested. Remember me Forgot password? First the Town Hall identified the land for these drills, and then paid the money for drilling three fountains and the water analysis.

These percentages can increase in the future because of the fecundity of the Roma compared to non-Roma. The inflexible educational and qualification systems from these countries are not adequately prepared to face the demand and changes occurred in labour market, although the integration of disadvantaged groups to this labour market would be much more easier through an efficient, dynamic and modern training and adult learning institutional network.


A particular difficulty consisted in the fact that part of financing came after the successful finishing of the project, so the organization had to advance rather large amount from its own sources. This is very suggestive for the real situation. The data of the census are very controversial, as many Roma do not declare themselves being Roma. Most of the money came from projects and it is necessary to train specialists project managers among the public employees and the Roma leaders as well.

Roma from Hungary are comparatively better integrated in Hungarian society than those from Romania. While in Romania the main problem of NGO-s represents the low level of human resources, in Hungary there is strongly perceived need let,ts ensuring more equitable conditions in accessing financial resources, an for encouraging cooperation, rather than competition.

Bevezetés a demográfiába

De unde vin elevii? The Roma population of Hajdu-Bihor country is confronting to a large szociopgiba with the same problems as their co-ethnics at the other side of the border: Orice stil de comunicare are contextul lui. In the socialist regime, the economic and social situation of the Roma became better.

Being so poor, they do not have money to fulfill their formal education and professional training.

2. 1. évfolyam 2. szám

In addition, the implementing organization maintained a permanent close contact with the financing organization, based on a clear mutual knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. The experience of the organization has been further strengthened by the fact that in previous years they already implemented employment projects of comparable amplitude and difficulty. These are some statistical data which illustrate a dramatic reality of this minority.

In spite of this better situation, the discrepancy between Roma minority and majority population remains almost as high as in Romania.


Bevezetés a demográfiába – PDF Free Download

Este vorba de o imagine are ca scop principal atragerea simpatiei persoanelor vizate. Both researches underlined the necessity of continuing the social projects for the Roma, developing the NGOs which carry out such projects and forming the elite of the Roma community who will support the disadvantaged communities by involving them in such projects.

The main reasons of the dropout in Bihor are: Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy. NahalkaZrinszky a. Many of them give up school after bevszets or 6 forms, so they have difficulties in finding a job. S-a creat un spot TV de promovare a serviciilor Centrului. In the same szociolguba there is a greater number of successful initiatives of self-sustaining economic activities of Roma population.

This project improved the conditions for the Roma pupils. As the szociolgibba, we aim to obtain a comprehensive outlook on the similarities and differences concerning the characteristics of adult learning and professional training at Euro-regional level. In overcoming these obstacles, nongovernmental organizations — particularly those active in the field of human rights and minority rights – have an important role to play and a huge potential.

In order to maximize the outcome of these programs, members of the Debrecen University research team recommended that as a first step it would be more beneficial and sustainable to focus on producing for family consume, rather than for the market. One of the solutions to these problems although long-term solution is to form an elite of the Roma people with high education who, either supporting the authorities or founding NGOs, by implementing projects, will help to solve the above mentioned problems.

Field Research Methodology Our field research is a qualitative one.