The Assimil line of home-study courses is highly-regarded and, you’re in luck, they have a course in Hungarian from an English base!. Assimil Hungarian With Ease – CDs. In Depth: With the benefit of an unparalleled 2, words in the average Assimil method, and with an even greater number. I started Assimil (Hungarian with Ease I think?) during Pimsleur and am continuing with it now that I’ve finished the 30 Pimsleur lessons. I really.

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They have put the bar almost impossibly high for adding a new language because they’re already overwhelmed trying to support what they have now. Mainly because of the stress on the firs syllable of word.

No registered users and 0 guests. IMO, for languages like Hungarian the ability to use words and expressions to coordinate sentences is eve, more important than in other idioms since there is no proper order of words.

Hungarian – Language Forum @ LingQ

Anyone here use a method that was successful for them? Nevertheless, I can recommend that you refer to the “Hungarian Language Profile” that forum member Chungand others, put a great deal of time into developing.

That’s one thing you learn when you study translations. I have created a survey, maybe the Hungarians could fill it in and help me with maybe finding some words or sentence structure that was influenced by English.


Several times I have heard a rumour that Hungarian language sounds ugly for those who don’t understand it. Hi everybody and especially Hungarians! I have no idea with the Hungarian. Budapest is a beautiful city, I lived there long ago for nine months, and enjoyed it very much.

You could do a translation of “who is she? And thanks for the movie recommendation. Vowel harmony is not difficult at all, just one thing to do that if it is a -a, -o, -u you have one type of endings and in the other case the other.

Assimil Hungarian

Another element is also that the order of the words is very loose Quechua, Nahuatl, quite a few African languages, etc. We could use Skype or mail.

One good thing is I that the pronouciation of hungarian is quit straightforward, and very rythmic. I didn’t find any other valuable source of teaching for Hungarian as it is a language that is not a favourite.

I’m very happy when people want or try to learn my language. For example, they have only 3 major tenses. It’s nice that you learn Hungarian. You could try http: These three resources are very good so far.

I need some Russian, German and English practice. I did a bit of light study for about 5 weeks last year, a few hours a week with FSI materials.


Please tell me the raw truth! This text is a little bit complicated, and sometimes sounds unnatural and formal.

Benny’s Top Resources for Learning Hungarian

P Jo tanulast mindenkinek! Hi Mark, I look forward to hearing more about your Hungarian adventures. So lucky, Budapest is beautiful. I haven’t thought that people want to learn Hungarian. Each has its different type of hhungarian. It’s not a world language. DD It is sometimes frustrating because even if you learn a lot of words, they will use another one just for pleasure, and you’ll be confused.

Assimil Hungarian With Ease

I don’t think Hungarian sounds ugly at all. I agree that knowing Japanese will give me something of an advantage with Hungarian, but there are so many other things that seem difficult – like vowel harmony.

After assimip years, I read very well and can aprticipate in normal conversations. If you all get as active as I’ve been for Romanian in the last couple of months, Hungarian could become a new LingQ language pretty soon! Has anyone else noticed this?