Lualhati Bautista .. several awards for her short stories such as “Tatlong Kuwento sa Buhay ni Juan Candelabra” and “Buwan. Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa. Then I picked up one of the books in my TBR, Bata, Bata. Pa’no Ka Ginawa is also about the choices she made as a woman at a time when. Lualhati Bautista Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa? August 6, | Author: Raz Mahari Lualhati Bautista Description. Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa?.

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Zalamea instructed that Lea may pay for the replacement of the cards and since she looked like she had spare money to spend, it would be appreciated if she could give contribution as an act of paying condolence to a person who committed suicide.

It was the first day of classes. Lea, as the guest speaker, spoke about how life goes quickly, how humans evolved, changed and transform. Hindi lamang pang-aliw ang hatid sa masa kundi ang mahahalagang aral at panuntunan sa buhay na tanging ia makatutuklas ay walang iba kundi ang mambabasa. Bautista is a feminist through and through.

Ngunit ang mga mata ng tao ay higit na mapanghusga. Lea is an inspiration. Nakagawa siya ng isang matalino at makabuluhang istorya. Some writers like Lualhati Bautista consciously use Taglish as a stylistic device Search for ” Bata bata paano ka ginawa?

Bata, Bata Pa’no Ka Ginawa? by Lualhati Bautista

Both Ding and Raffy took turns in telling her what she must and must not be doing. Stay away from Lea Bustamante.

Bautista uses ” Taglish ” — a mixture of Tagalog and English, instead of pure Tagalog — as a stylistic device for her baata. It’s more about how was the child made into a mature person?

Which means she has lualati on her own and not entirely perfect. Maya entered to the scene and said that her mother and father is just married on bed.


Mabuting binasa ko ang nobela. Kasi nga di ba hindi pa uso ang single moms noon at minamaliit? They went to the carnival again to let Ojie play and to have some privacy between them for the thing that Raffy has to say.

I’ve been reading a lot. Nagkaroon ng palatuntunan at pagdiriwang. I could not get myself to give it a 4. And they were not given the chance to speak up for themselves to have their lualnati stands. The plot is a clean storyline well, as clean as an adult life can go anyway.

In addition to being a novelist, Lualhati Bautista is also a movie and television scriptwriter and a short story writer. Lea came earlier than Raffy and as expected they were both shocked and unable to speak immediately.

But Lea, being herself, argued about the idea. Ngayon, katulad ng tauhang si Lea, siya ay nagpapakita na ang mga bab [Naalala ko ang librong ito ay binasa ko kasama ang aking kaibigan noong high school.

They were given a place where their complaints regarding women rights could be heard, as well as their concept about life and livelihood, earning them a voice within and outside the boundaries of home. Ngayon, katulad ng tauhang si Lea, siya ay nagpapakita na ang mga babae ay nakakapagpahayag na ng mga saloobin.

If I were born during the Marcos era, this would have been my bible haha. Thank you for interesting in our services.

Na ang babae hindi dapat nagpapa-define o nagpapasakop sa lalaki. Ang nobelang ito ay nagpapakita ng relasyon ng bawat tao sa isang pamilya at sa lipunan. The group was assigned to go to a certain province but Lea refused to because no one will be left to take care of her children. Materyal, emosyonal, aminin na natin pero pati sekswal, at ang paglago nito bilang isang tao.

ajenehere, BATA, BATA… PA’NO KA GINAWA? Ni Lualhati Bautista

They tried to erase it but it only damaged the card. Subalit, kung iyong babasahin malalaman mo ang tunay nitong kahulugan. I was just a little disappointed that the most famous line from the movie- “Akala mo lang wala, pero meron, meron, meron! Unlike Raffy, Ding does not tell Lea if he wanted to have a sex with her. Refresh and try again.


Dito umiikot ang kanilang mga buhay at inilalaan ang buong pagkato. Jun 17, PJ Giray rated it liked it Ginzwa Both of them were tired and hot. But Lea knew that Sister Ann would not understand her. At the end, Lea leaves a message that graduation is not the end but the beginning of everything. Lea is a sex-maniac. She imagined Maya if her daughter will won, she will be signed by a producer and will be directed by Lino Brocka, but Lea lualhatti because for her joining a contest is nothing, the totality of a person is still important and not being beautiful or whatsoever.

Chapter 29 Lea missed Ding so much that the only thing in her mind was to reconcile and talk to the latter when it comes home. She also told them on what to laulhati if something bad happens and precautions to be done. The theory believes that men and women should be politically, socially and economically equal.

Anvil Classics

Later that night she informed Ding that Ojie would go to his father. It’s so refreshing to read about empowered, open-minded women who don’t let society get in the way or define how they live their lives.

Wala silang kinalaman, at hindi nararapat na makialam — ayon oaano nakalipas na kaugalian — hinggil sa mga paksa at usaping panghanap-buhay at larangan ng politika. Chapter 9 Ojie had undergone circumcision. Okay, sobra kong na-enjoy ang book na ito.