Bhel haridwar vocational training report block 1. vikas kardam. Uploaded by. Vikas Kardam. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can . Construction of turbo generator pdf,summer trainig from BHEL HARIDWAR block 1 turbo-generator. In this report you will get a summer training. PPT on CIM Block-4 Download Power point presentation on CIM Block-IV Images of Free Download presentation on BHEL,Haridwar gained by us through a 45 days vocational training at BHEL Haridwar. The report describes completely the manufacturing process of a MW TG stator bar in detail.

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This energy is obtained by conversion from fossil fuels coal, oil, natural gasthe nuclear and hydro sources.

Heavy casting and forging. The complete manufacturing process of these generators involves many stages. Power generating setIndustrial turbo — sets, CompressorsPumps and heatersBow — millsHeat exchangers oil ringsGas turbinesSwitch gears. Seimens AG Large size gas turbines. Simulator, Telecommunication systemOther advanced micro —processor based control system.


Steamless steel tubes, Sriral finwelded tubes. Steam — turbinesHydro — turbinesGas — turbineTurbo generatorsControl panels, Light aircraftsElectrical machines. Insulator and bushingCeramic liners. Amorphous silicon solar cell plant. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

  IEC 61241-0 PDF

Bhel haridwar vocational training report block 1 | vikas kardam –

Steam generator up to MW unit size. It is a coveted form of energy, because it can be generated centrally in bulk and transmitted over long distances without much difficulty. DC auxiliary mill motors. WindmillSolar water heating system.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Industrial valves and Fabrication. The company’s inherent potential coupled with its strong performance over the years, has resulted in it being chosen as one of the “Navratna” PSEs, which are to be bhhel by the Government in their endeavor to jaridwar future global players. One of the most important is the manufacturing of the stator winding bars. These are provided with STDP, totally enclosed and duct ventilated enclosures.

Component fabrication plant Rudrapur.

These bars undergo a complete set of processes before they get ready for the stator winding assembly and connections. A detailed introduction to synchronous generators, hydro and turbo generators have been provided at the beginning for a clear understanding of haridaar project.

Repair shop for power generating equipment. Heat energy dissipated from reporr burning of fuels or nuclear fission is first converted to mechanical energy and then this mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy via generators.


In power plants, these generators may be repory hydro generator or a turbo generator, depending on the plant requirements. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The increasing use of electrical energy in different fields of daily life has been primarily due to the hafidwar of a vast variety of electrical machinery for the purpose of generation and utilization.

Turbo generators are the most important part of any thermal power plant; they are the actual producers of the electricity.

Heavy electrical equipment plant.

Presentation on BHEL,Haridwar – BHEL World

Electrical machines Melara SPA. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Electric energy is an essential ingredient for the industrial and all-round development of any country.

Steam turbinesTurbo generatorsHydro setsSwitch gear controllers, Transformer plant. Spherical butterfly and rotary valves and auxiliaries for hydro station.