Bismarckia nobilis. Figure 1. Young Bismarck Palm. Bismarck Palm. 1. Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson2. INTRODUCTION. Lending a tropical flair to. Description: Bismarckia nobilis is a stunning, large palm widely cultivated in the tropics for its beautiful silver-blue foliage although a green leaf variety exists. Scientific Name: Bismarckia nobilis Hildebr. & Synonym(s). Medemia nobilis (Hildebr. & ) Gall. Assessment Information [top]. Red List.

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Bismarckia Scientific classification Kingdom: Germination typically takes one to three months. The leaves are costapalmate, producing a wedge-shaped hastula where the blade and petiole meet. This photo was taken on the hillside above.

The wooly scales on the underside of Latania loddigesii leaves are pale, not dark cinnamon-colored as bismarckua Bismarckia nobilis, and the seeds of Latania are enclosed in sculpted pyrenes, unlike those of Bismarckia. It is seen in plateaus and plain areas where it experiences extremes in weather from very hot and dry to more humid conditions during the rainy season.

This palm is natively found only in Madagascar. If you really want a blue fan palm but live in a very cold area, Brahea armata might be a good substitute palm species.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Tropical New Year!

Do not plant it close to a building or structure. Both are blue fan palms, single trunk, and like hot dry conditions.


With 15 to 30 leaves, nearly-spherical up to 7,5 m wide and 6 m tall. Medium indicates a trunk growth of between 30 and 90 cm. Difficulty transplanting One of the advantages of palms is that large specimens can be bismarckis with ease, a large rootball not being necessary, being able to fully recover within a year or a year and a half. Brown ovoid drupe, about 4 cm long each containing a single seed. The nearly rounded leaves are enormous in maturity, over 3 m wide, and are deeply-divided into 20 or more stiff segments.

Synonyms Medemia nobilis Hildebr. One variety exists with green nobllis. They are approximately 1. Also, in habitat, along with other fire-resistant trees like Ravenala madagascariensis and Uapaca bojeri it endures fires probably because the crown of leaves is well above any brush fires In many areas in Madagascar, it is the only palm species evident. Nlbilis can cause a rapid death to the seedling.

– Bismarckia nobilis(Bismark Palm)

There is another issue of a red discoloration to the leaves. Male tree, flowers for first time, edric. Fruits are oblong, ovoid, or spherical and chocolate-brown in color with some lighter brown mottling. Full sun is the best location for this palm.

Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

Nismarckia Field, Florida, Photo by Dr. We have seen over the years how imported Bismarckia that had their roots pruned prior to transport to California uniformly went into decline with leaves turning dry brown. Bismarckia nobilis fruit above and seed below. Either as a single specimen or in groups, this is a strikingly beautiful species.


It likes sun, heat and good draining soil. It grows at a medium speed and looks best if given some room.

Resistence to wind Depending on the species palms may suffer damage due to persistent or strong winds. Thre e Bismarckia nobilis, domestic garden. The detail of this park is just incredible. Bismarckiaclose-up of coarse hairy stem.

Minimum temperature Minimum temperature at nobilus an adult plant can survive the winter. Fresh seeds germinate quickly within a month of being planted and the seedlings are attractive.

Found only in Madagascar, an island well known for its rich diversity of unique taxa, Bismarckia is one genus among a diverse palm flora some palms of which are solely in Madagascar.

It thrives in fairly dry and hot climates, but enjoy also rainy climates and proved to tolerate a wide variety of conditions. Bismarckia is a gorgeous and typically bismarckka single trunk fan palm that has become very popular.