‘Compulsively gripping Tudor murder mysteries As a plot with a clutch of steel pulls you through dramatic twists and turns and vivid, knowledgeable, widely. Revelation: A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery [C. J. Sansom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery. Revelation is a historical mystery novel by British author C. J. Sansom. It is Sansom’s fifth novel, and the fourth in the Matthew Shardlake Series. Set in .

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Some parts are a bit ‘corny’, Shardlake’s love struggles and the troubles in the relationship bet Like the other Shardlake books, this one started slow for me.

Aug 08, LJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: The other great appeal of these books, apart from the cast of regular characters, revelatiion the richness of Sansom’s historical research. Mathew’s good friend, another lawyer, is found killed and left in a fountain near their quarters and Mathew has promised his wife that he will find the killer.

The rest of the murders seem like ways to work grisly details into the story as we get the body count up to the proper number. I have given this book some time to swirl around in my mind since I finished it, and I’m still not sure that I can do it justice. The story takes the reader on a lot of twists and turns ssansom dead ends etc. London, England sanso, United Kingdom. But as with the revelaion novels of this superb series, Matthew is also involved in a more human mystery–in this novel that of a young boy who inexplicably begins to rant and rave about salvation and has been locked away in bedlam for his own protection it’s dangerous to speak about religion at all because what is allowed changes as often as Henry changes his wives.

Sansom books 4 out of 5 stars with the exception of the third in the series, Sovereign, which I gave 5 stars tobut I do thoroughly enjoy them. Jan 01, Gerald Sinstadt rated it it was amazing. People are starting to think that his mania will get him sentenced as a revelatioh. Another triumph in this series. Reevlation the same book it described how a grandmother makes two young girls put belladonna drops in their eyes so the pupils widen to make them look more attractive that it poisons revelahion and makes them blind is ignored.


On returning home later one evening he discovers a body in the fountain, this is It is the end of winter in and Henry is wooing Catherine Parr with the intention of making her his sixth wife.

Sovereign felt like Sansom maturing into complete control of his territory: Revelagion novel, with After pages I realized that I accidentally read this novel out of order, I had yet to read Sovereignhowever it was too good of a story and too late to stop. The lady who will become his sixth and final wife. The next thing that drew me in was Shardlake himself.

Revelation (Matthew Shardlake, #4) by C.J. Sansom

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It is the end of winter in and Henry is wooing Catherine Parr with the intention of making her his sixth wife. It is such an incredible book, possibly my favourite of the series, so I could keep going with this review but I won’t, il just say read it!!

The one thing I adore revelatikn the underlying plot of the book is all based on fact while the main plot line is pure, exciting fiction. See 1 question about Revelation…. Public displays of heretical thought lead to burning at the stake.

However, the killer always seems to be one step ahead of them and knows a great deal about Matthew and Jack too. Devotees will live in hope.

But in the Sixteenth Century, a time of intense religious fervour, some can only fathom it as demonic possession. Victims are selected and given horrific deaths in accordance with these Yet another splendid ‘who done it’ read from C. Moreover, now Barak acquired a partner in the feisty Tamasin.

I put that in modern terms because, sajsom course, they had no experience of this concept–killing for pleasure. All the loose threads are carefully woven in, and the picture becomes clear to the reader. The setting was interesting as always, although I hoped Catherine Parr would play a larger role. In a race against time, Matthew and his trusted accomplice Jack Barak are on the trail of the killer.

Then there is the mystery, which I know is supposed sznsom be the main point. Shocked beyond belief by the murder of so pleasant and generous a man, he promises the widow Dorothy, also the love of his youth, to find the killer and bring him to justice. Revelation crowns a notable achievement. But this time the object of his affections is resisting. A little heavy on the religious side as the mystery involves passages from the bible but it’s not preachy.


Morse in doublet and hose

Open Preview See a Problem? Nicely paced too, with an excellent climax as the events unfold at the end.

Feb 07, Alison rated it liked it. The young woman was bemoaning the bruising and pain this device had caused her. Archbishop Cranmer and the embattled Protestant faction at court are watching keenly, for Lady Catherine is known to have reformist sympathies. I think the book was somewhat bogged down by its length. Although I found the killer to be obvious in this one you do get plenty of suspicious characters and sansoj herrings.

And I always leave them feeling thoroughly satisfied with the way he’s tidied things up at the end.


Sansom takes this opportunity to evaluate the religious war taking place in England at the time along with Matthew’s personal doubts. This time Matthew Shardlake is recalled for a mission by Thomas Cramer.

Even when Barak, in this one, is being abysmal at the job of new husband, these are an interesting, realistic, likeable lot and I was reading for the characters as much as anything. He does the audio for all of the novels I believe.

Review: Revelation by CJ Sansom | Books | The Guardian

Koji je ljudski grijeh bez oprosta? The mystery was very well-done and the chase for the killer was exciting.

This story is much darker than the previous volumes, with a serial killer stalking victims and torturing them according to his interpretation of verses in the book of Revelation.

Meanwhile, we see our favourite barrister once again emeshed in politics — a dangerous place where he least revelaion to be – as he and his sidekick Barak pursue a violent killer through murder after murder. If it fails, they could all lose their heads. Basically, everyone believes something that is punishable as heresy.