A Christian Bahira legend. Richard Gottheil. Published Online: | DOI: Bahira or Sergius the Monk to the Latin West, was an Arab Arian, Nestorian or possibly Gnostic In the Christian tradition Bahira became a heretical monk, whose errant views inspired the Qur’an. K. Szilágyi, Muhammad and the Monk: The Making of the Christian Baḥīrā Legend, Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam A Christian Bahira legend. Main Author: Gottheil, Richard J. H. Language(s): English. Published: New York, Note: Reprint from Zeitschrift für.

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Then I went to Chosroes, king of Persia, and I did in his presence as the angel had commanded me. By providing a credible alternative story about the beginning of Islam, by denigrating the prophet much revered by his followers, by mocking their scripture, such legends made abandoning Christianity in favor of Islam look not only morally deplorable, but also unbecoming, disagreeable, absurd, even ridiculous. I saw also a man coming upon the East wind, clothed in majesty, beauty and honor.

Dust 5 will come down from heaven, and also the stars, because of the strong winds which will blow. There will be no kingdom stand- ing before them, which they will not cause to tremble. A could stand independently as the vita of a visionary monk, who supposedly lived in the early seventh-century Middle East. I have occasionally cited it in the notes to the Arabic text. It is interesting to note that here also we have distinct mention of twenty-four kings of the Ishmaelites.

Three more passages of A1b They were accustomed to come to him at all hours of the day, and to put all manner of questions to him. I ask [thy consideration] for the Christians, the followers of the Messiah. He continued to visit Bah.


Catalog Record: A Christian Bahira legend | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Yohannak, lecturer in Oriental Languages at Columbia University. See Theodoriti et Evagrii Historia Ecclesiasticaed. Volume 60 Issue Jahresband Janpp.

Or, does the writer refer to al-Mahdi, the first Fatimide Caliph of Egypt? It is a greatly expanded version of the vision in A and it uses the same apocalyptic imagery in the same sequence. Retrieved from ” https: Say to them, ‘[the ex- crement] will be expelled as is sweat from the body’.

After he had risen from the grave, the Messiah ascended to heaven. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us.

He then blessed him.

Bahira – Wikipedia

I said to the angel, what is this, O Lord? Please enter recipient e-mail address es. Volume 74 Issue 1 Janpp. Volume 11 Issue Jahresband Janpp. Where didst thou see this vision? The Jews crucified him upon the cross in Jerusalem, and he died. The preceding suggestions are, in a measure, legene out by the mention of the different colours in conjunction with the different kingdoms. He said to me, this is the kingdom of the Ro- mans who will rule at the end of all the bahia of the world.

Doughty, Arabia Deserta II, The second part — the real Bahira legend — may be a good deal older; while the third part need not have been composed at a very much later date. All the peoples of the earth shall be collected within her, and shall become tributary 2 to her yoke — both men and beasts — by doing work and [raising] buildings.

Ibn KhaldQn, Prolegomenes y tr. I saw a valley, very large and very deep: As soon as he saw him, he understood that something great would happen with the youth; because he saw a vision [appear] above him. In those days there will be quiet and peace, the like of chrristian has not been. The text seems, in places, to have been amplified, and needs, here and there, some rectifi- cations.


A Christian Bahira Legend

In their days will come famine and pestilence in every country; distress, trials, vexations and rebellions in every place, war and the shedding of blood. Everything they see they desire, and are satisfied with nothing. If they say to me, ‘What shall we eat and drink there? I took up my abode 1 A reminiscence of Gen. Then Mohammed opened his mouth and said to Sar- gis: Sinai,19 but it is unusual 14 Ibid. Volume 38 Issue 3 Janpp. During such legenx long transmission copyists had ample opportunity to modify the text; one of them could have complemented the Disputation ‘s original story of Muh.

Catalog Record: A Christian Bahira legend | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The earth will be shaken upon its pillars. On the Armenian versions of the legend of Muh. I heaved a sigh and wept and said, ‘what profiteth it a man if he gain the whole world, but loose his soul.

Then chirstian sons of Ishmael and the sons of Abraham will be di- vided, will kill and plunder each other and plunder. He will uproot for them the city of Babylon; will destroy their strong places, and raze their walls.