The Automotive Industry Action Group’s CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guideline is a great resource for learning more about what goes into. AIAG CQI LAYERED PROCESS AUDIT GUIDELINE. Check our one-day seminar on CQI 8, it provides attendees with an understanding of Layered Process Audits (LPA).

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Therefore, organizations should plan their Layered Process Audit frequency considering the type of audit items. MON Are the first piece inspection sheets completed daily by all shifts?

Could this be why companies doing gemba walks have an easier time with LPA programs, despite their complexity? Elements that typically should not be part of a Layered Process Audit item list include these: Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution.

CQI – 8 : Layered Process Audit Guideline

Employees typically do not refer to instructions or procedures before every step of a process; they often complete the processes by memory, which comes from repeating and practicing each step vuideline times over.

Once pricess sources are identified, the corrective actions designed to address them must be effectively implemented and sustained.

Improve product quality and customer satisfaction. LPAs complement gemba walks by providing: Regardless of whether the findings come from a true gemba walk or a formal audit. The ongoing review of Layered Process Audit results should be structured in such a way that systemic issues within the organization can be identified and corrected across the guidelins organization.


A method to facilitate communication between operators and management. Contact Quality Digest for reprint information. I don’t mean to denigrate Mr.

However, it is very easy for employees to return to the old, familiar methods. The Layered Process Audit check-sheet could contain specific items drawn from the following areas: The subheading of the article is probably accurate: Such specific requirements will augment the suggested framework defined by this Guideline.

Audit questions are updated as required to incorporate the latest improvements and process updates based on audit findings, employee suggestions, etc. Audit check-sheet, Audit work instructions, internal corrective actions. Are the results of all required dimensional inspections recorded on form zzzz-1?

Taking the Step from Gemba Walks to Layered Process Audits | Quality Digest

You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. Audit results are recorded consistently, including corrective actions, and summarized for senior management review. Effective management of process capability requires identifying sources of both special and common cause variation.

The steps listed in Table 1A have the following characteristics: Layered Process Audits are not: The Layered Process Audit also demonstrates to all team members that these designated, critical items are very important.


An automated LPA platform makes it simple to: What proceas decide to do with these insights is where the real work starts. Unfortunately, these corrective actions are often not sustained or worse, the basic process steps are not followed. Discuss 1 Hide Comments Comment.

For many audiits, making these audits work requires an automated LPA system to handle scheduling, data analysis, and checklist management. Organizations may choose to develop specific requirements for Layered Process Cq-8, such specific requirements will augment the suggested framework defined by this document. Example of an Operation-focused Layered Process Audit Check-sheet OP 30 Assembly Are the builders checking rotation and marking parts as required by work instruction xxxx-y?

Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored.

It makes the auditor adn the audit host’s job a lot easier, but it doesn’t improve business. Looking Forward With Alfred Adler.

Subscription pricing is determined by: Root causes are then qudits and appropriate questions are incorporated into the audits for recurring non-conformances. A method to stress the importance of complying with processes and procedures.