Banis contained in Bachitra Natak (Dasam Granth)which are actually written by .. There’s no debate about the authenticity of the bani of Guru Gobind Singh ji. The Dasam Granth is a religious text containing many of the texts which is traditionally attributed to Guru Gobind Singh. It is primarily in Braj Bhasha with Awadhi. In reality, Guru Granth Sahib ji is the bani for the whole world, but Dasam Granth is the Granth of Khalsa Panth. It contains the bani basic to the Sikh principles.”.

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Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Chapter Index : ਸ੍ਰੀ ਦਸਮ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ :-

Tale of Bhujang Mati The tale of Shakti Hukam This was as a warning to naive Sikhs to be vigilant and to be aware of people who act deceptively to trap them and violate banii trust and their rights. Dsam of Bhaag Mati Tale of Lahore Mati Tale of Champa Kala Tale of Shri Immortal Lord Tale of Noor Bibi Tale of Atpal Devi Paath and simran will help with this.


Tale of Sandal Devi Rudar Avtar incarnation of Shiv Tale of Phut Basir Granrh All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Use dmy dates from March Poet Senapati has written history of religion in the same way and style as in the Bachitar Natak Composition.

Tale of Sujjan Kumari Tale of Maanmati and Bipan Prabha Tale of Rani Mantar Kala Tale of Soorchhat Tale of Sumer Kaur Tale of Shingarwati Tale of Rani Dinket Mati Some others dispute the claim of the authorship, saying that some of the compositions included in Dasam Granth such as Charitropakhyan are “out of tune” with other Sikh scriptures, and must have been composed by other poets.

T20 World Cup Schedule. More than 35 writers or copier were appointed by Guru sahib along with more than 50 Poets Scholars at Anandpur sahib.

Tale of Jhakhjhoomer Devi Tale of Rani Kinnar Mati Sakhian quotes various portions of 33 Swaiyey. Tale of Kokila Mati Tale of lnder Singh Tale of Rani Phool Mati Tale of Prakrit Mati Tale of Kanj Prabha Tale of Roop Mati Tale of Naaz Mati Guru Gobind Singh mentioned this in Bachitar Natak.


Sakhian quotes various lines from Shastarnaam mala and Bachitar Natak. Tale of Nirpat Kala dqsam Tale of Surta Devi Tale of Chapla Devi Tale of A Wise Friend Tale of A Co-Wife Krishna Avtar, Guru Gobind Dssam.

Paste as plain text instead. Daasm of Apachhara Devi Tale of Rang Raae Textual Sources for the Study of Sikhism. Tale of King of Sirmaur Tale of Sheel Vani Tale of Rani Bir Kala Tale of Chanchala Devi Tale of Roshan Dimaagh Tale of Birah Devi Tale of Roop Kala Following is a detailed explanation, which shows that the Bachitar Natak Granth was present up until Tale of Jhilmil Devi