Dell Studio (PP39L) Number of battery cells, 6. Energy reserve, 56 W*h. Dimensions and weight. Width, mm. Length, mm. Thickness, 39 mm. View full Dell Studio 15 specs on CNET. Dell Studio 15 Laptop Computer (Intel Unknown/NA T, GB HDD, 2GB RAM). Part Number: DNDWUW1. View full Dell Studio SB specs on CNET. Notebook type. Thin-and- light ( lbs.) Screen type. Widescreen. Manufacturer. Dell, Inc.

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Turn the palm rest over. Battery with charge indicator. Release the speaker cable from the securing tabs on the palm rest and take out the speaker assembly.

These mirror images can be outshined to a certain degree but they don’t disappear completely. A further improvement should be achieved by the newly designed cache system. As usual, the vertical field is more sensitive than the horizontal plane but has the advantage that the display angle changes can also be revised quickly. One of the other things that makes the Studio 15 a pleasure to use is specx rather than cluttering up the chassis with touch-sensitive controls, it built pp39o multimedia controls into the row of function keys, just as Apple does with its Macs.

Although it adds heft to the notebook, it should be noted that it still weighs the same as the ASUS N61, which has a six-cell battery.


Place the system board on computer base. Connect the touch pad cable and speaker cable to the respective system board connectors. If the memory module is not installed properly, the computer may not boot. Remove the four screws on the speakers.

Tighten the ZIF socket by turning the cam screw clockwise to secure the processor module to the system board. Plug the AC adapter into a known, good power source to prevent loss of power. The screen lid shows significant flex under very light pressure.

Disconnect the AC adapter connector cable, USB cable, fan cable, and the subwoofer cable from the system board.

Installing the SIM 1. The keyboard emits a somewhat louder key noise than usual, but isn’t yet annoying. The Studio 15 comes armed with a 2. Do not dell this process once it begins. The power requirement rockets to an enormous Remove the screw securing the center control cover from the battery bay.

Dell PP39L

Install the drivers and utilities for your computer, as needed see the Dell Technology Guide. Click the down arrow to view the Save In menu, select Desktop, and then click Save.

For instance, after playing a Hulu video lp39l full screen for 15 minutes, we observed temperatures of 91 degrees on the touchpad, 90 degrees at the center of the keyboard, and 97 degrees on the underside that temperature rose to degrees when we moved to the front center of the bottom surface. August 18th, at 3: When we divide the battery life by the total watts consumed while charging, we get the LAPTOP battery efficiency index.


It came quite close to the 3 hour border with min at WLAN surfing.

To help prevent damage to the system board, you must remove the battery from the battery bay dll you service the computer. Remove the six screws that secure the system board to the computer base. The 4 core is displayed as a 8 core due to hyperthreading. Remove the two screws one on each side securing the display hinges to the display cover.

Review Dell Studio Notebook – Reviews

Office, Internet, image editing and video editing aren’t a problem for the Studio 15 and are completed quickly. Exercise care when handling the hard drive. Support, warranty and service extensions can be added sprcs a Dell-typical way. Verdict The Dell Studio with Intel’s Core iQM processor is interesting for everyone who needs a high measure of processor performance. We find the low contrast ratio of Display Panel Removing the Display Panel 1.