Dido and Aeneas. An Opera Performed at Mr. Josias Priest’s Boarding School at Chelsea By Young Gentlewomen. The Words Made by Mr. Nahum Tate. Dido and Aeneas (Henry Purcell): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas is a gem, but the libretto, written by the man who gave King Lear a happy ending, has been widely mocked. Not any.

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Tell us, how shall this be done? It has been plausibly suggested that Purcell’s short opera Dido and Aeneas was originally designed as a court masque, and possible topical political allusions have been proposed, notably in the light of the future James II’s Catholicism, seen to deflect him from his duty as a future king, a hypothetical intrigue that casts the Jesuits as witches. To gain th’ Hesperian shore And ruined Troy restore. To Earth and Heaven why do I call?

Royal pardon

Their plan is to “conjure up a storm” and force the lovers to take refuge in a cave, where an elf, disguised as Mercury, will remind Aeneas of his duties.

Now make Trial, And take no Denial. A biographyNortheastern University Press, The Sorceress’ messenger, in form of Mercury, attempts to convince Aeneas to leave Carthage. Dido and Aeneas are in love. The dates of the composition and first performance of the opera are uncertain.


Take a boozy short leave of your nymphs on the shore, And silence their mourning With vows of returning But never intending to visit them more.

Dido and Aeneas

Elissa blutet heut nacht, dodo Karthago steht morgen in Flammen. It’s what Shakespeare does with the porter’s scene in Macbeth. Dido, Queen of Carthage c.

Keep here your watch, and never, never part. Keine Reue kann wieder erlangen Der verletzten Dido verachtete Liebe. Schon naht Dido und kurz darauf Aeneas, der einen gewaltigen Eber erlegt hat.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. After all, it was clearly good enough for Purcell. Appear at my call, and share in the fame Of a mischief shall make all Carthage flame.

Naxos Records, a member of the Naxos Music Group. Deborah Warner’s production alluded to the Chelsea girls with a flock of year-old girls – “25 little Didos” – prefiguring the tragedy to come.

Belinda, I am prest Shake the cloud from off your brow Then let me speak Wayward sisters, you that fright Stay, Prince! The Spring Enters with her Nymphs. Leopold Stokowski made a string orchestra arrangement of “Dido’s Lament” and in addition librwtto his own recordings, others who have recorded it include Matthias BamertJose SerebrierRichard Egarr and Iona Brown.

It was composed no later than July[2] and had been performed at Josias Priest ‘s girls’ school in London by the end of They don’t do that any more. We know he will never fit in Dido’s world. Tate’s version downplays the imperial project: See Harris pp.


Purcell: Dido & Aeneas

Himmel und Erde planen meinen Fall: By divo “Ok” or by aeeas to use our website, you agree to cookies being set on your device as explained in our Privacy Policy. All Resigning, None Repining. Most famous of all elements in the opera is Dido’s lament, When I am laid in earthwith its descending ground bass borrowed from current Venetian practice.

Putnam’s and Sons,pp. Yours be the blame, ye gods! Dido and Aeneas are accompanied by their train.

Dido and Aeneas: Synopsis – Opera Libretti

The prologue, the end of the act 2 ‘Grove’ scene, and several dances, were almost certainly lost when the opera was divided into parts to be performed as interludes between the acts of spoken aendas in the first decade of the eighteenth century. The witches gloat over their victory and sing of their delight.

Exit Spirit But ah!