Kenku are a fictional race of bird-like, humanoid creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. They have appeared in multiple editions in the. Benefit: You gain a +3 to attack rolls while flanking instead of +2, or you grant a + 3 bonus to attack rolls or skill checks when aiding another instead of the normal. So I signed up for D&Di to play with the character builder and noticed that Kenku is playable race. After reading a little bit about them online.

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They are said to have betrayed them, but then were caught and thrice-cursed. After all this, feel like each race dndd have it’s own forum section, like classes do mods? So Kenkus are more or less Bumblebee from the Transformers movie.

Kenku characters tend toward neutrality; although most kenkus are evil, neutral and neutral good kenkus also exist. You should not rp it just as a “gray human with strange nose”. They’re just copying what someone else has written, after all.

Kenku” appeared in Dragon Magazine Join Date Jan Posts 2, They prized gold above all else and were capricious—and then, between 2nd and 3rd edition, they were cursed.

You have to put some madness in your character. I would argue that, in order to be able to read, they would need to kenki what the words they are reading sound like, so they ought to be able to say them out loud. It was also mentioned that some humanoids kidnap kenku hatchlings and bring them up as slaves.


Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. To everyone and anyone that has played a kenku, tell me if it’s as tedious as everyone makes it out to be. And of course, continuing the 2nd Edition trend of assigning a monetary value to everything about a monster—their eggs could commonly be sold for gp, and their hatchlings are even listed as having a price, though the monster manual does at least caution that this is kenkku slavery and that Kenku will rescue any captives they find and stop at nothing to avenge slain kenku.

5E Kenku – Poorly thought out race no matter how cool

Their power was linked to their hit dice. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. As written, there’s no mention of you needing to read it aloud, while it simply says “no components”, which would include Verbal and Somatic, not just Material.

They have yellow eyes in earlier editions, [8] or small black beady eyes in subsequent editions. They often wear light, loose-fitting clothing and carry daggers or other small weapons, which they frequently kenmu within their cloaks. Kenku were inspired by tengua mythological creature from Japanese folklore that takes the form of an avian humanoid.

No reason is offered for their transformation—and indeed most Kenku are still regarded as secretive gangs who work together. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Retrieved from ” https: So does Monster Manual 2 contain the rules for Kenku as a playable race or just the normal stat blocks? In the fourth edition, they are unaligned [11]. Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide: The kenku next appeared in the second edition’s Monstrous Compendium Volume Two[8] and were reprinted in the Monstrous Manual The answer is always death.


Naturally this lead Kenku into mischief—their entry even specifies that many Kenku usually would assume the form of a god and accept offering from credulous worshippers. Yeah we discussed how strange it would be to hear a sentence that might change voices partway through, or every sentence is another persons voice.


Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. If you mean the whole “likes to follow orders” character flaw that they have; most parties seem fine with the Kenku player minion-ing about, and it leads to some funny situations when the Kenku tries to follow orders to the letter when the orders maybe weren’t meant to be so specific. What do your other players and DM think about your choice and actions? My son is playing a Kenku and he is a creepy weird character The reason I bring up these points is: Imitatores Sapiens, Followers of Wisdom Perfection is a path, not a destination.

This is a valid point.