Contents: 6 Dice, Shaker Cup, Score Pad. Object: Be the player with the highest score over 10, Farkle Facts. • Single 1’s and 5’s are worth points. We created our Farkle Rules to be used with our Farkle Dice Games, but you are free to print out the instructions and use them with any Farkle game. FARKLE. Please keep in mind that the official Farkle dice-card rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are.

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To play Farkle, all you need are six dice and a pencil and paper. To win, a player must get 10, points. While the standard rules described above are widely used, even they are not universal.

It’s important to keep clear records in order to keep the game fair and fun! For example, if you roll three 2s, your total will be points, three 5s will be points and so on.

Farkle Rules Click here to download the rules to your computer or phone. Includes a twist-off lid so it can double as a dice carrier!

Farkle Game Rules

It can be played with difections a set of six dice and some paper. How to Play Farkle! In so doing, you may have a better chance at rolling a three of a kind or other combination and thus increasing your score. Another option is to make the score exactly 10, points, which is called the “welfare” version of Farkle. It is important to consider strategy here.

  AOCS CE 2-66 PDF

When you reach points for the first farmle, you may choose to immediately end your turn to prevent losing the points. Start with the first player’s roll.

For 1 or more players. This forms your running score for the round. Allowing players to begin their turn by rolling the dice remaining farklle the previous player’s roll those dice not set aside for scoring. Determine who will roll first by having each player roll one die; whoever gets the highest score is the first player, as in the standard Farkle game.

Your score is Each scoring combination must be achieved in a single throw. If ever you are unable direvtions set aside any didections no dice are worth pointsyou have Farkled. On your turn, you roll all six dice. For the most part, less probable combinations are scored higher than more probable combinations see Scoring Variations. Roll the remaining dice, removing any dice worth points and adding them to your running total.

Two sets of three of a kind: Score the single 1 as points and then roll the remaining five dice. Points are earned every time you roll a 1 or 5, three of a kind, three pairs, a.

Common thresholds are,and 1, This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat There is no limit to the number of “hot dice” a player may roll in one turn.

Five of a kind is scored as 2, points, or triple the three of a kind value, or six times the three of a kind value. Try it – Click Here to Play Demo. After a player gets over 10, the other players get one turn to try to beat the first player out of the game. Record all points collected on the paper after each player’s turn. Email will not be published required. Did this summary help you? The scoring dice are in a single roll: Odds for these and other die combinations with explanations and simulation results can be found elsewhere.


You lose your running point total and your turn is over. The impact of four or five of a kind is substantially similar if they are scored as andrespectively. Scoring is based only on the dice in each roll.

Players do not have to set aside all point dice. Following are the probabilities of making hot dice in a single throw if all variant scoring combinations are allowed, depending on the number of dice thrown.

Farkle Dice Game Rules – How Do You Play It – How Do You Play It

I am on the 2nd throw of my dice I have four. Your first rolls shows 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, and 6. Since you earned no points.