The instructions provided here are insufficient for completing a working ACD installation. While the subject of attaching a supply cable to the ACD is. The Furman ACD Power Distro is a compact rack mount power distribution system that is ideal for touring PA systems, touring musical and theatrical acts. Find great deals for Furman Acd AC Power Distribution ACD Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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If you are running all of your gear without tripping the amp breaker I would not worry about it at all. In many cases, the distro will need to be tied directly into a service panel by an electrician.

Much better than being stuck with an illegal 60 amp 3 wire range circuit. The breaker utilized in the ACD are high-inrush magnetic types developed especially for essential information processing and program applications where problem tripping can not be enabled.

My furrman queastion is: Nothing else sounds quite the same. The other thing is that some clients call for a live sound the same day and I don.

Just test all circuits, and bring in all grounded circuits. For me that was the last straw. I think you are going to have troubles finding any amp connector connections.

Furman Acd-100 AC Power Distribution ACD100

But that is just me. Each circuit has a neon status sign that lightings up when its breaker is turned on, and a 20 amp duplex electrical outlet on the back panel. Furman ACD Power Distro Demo The Furman ACD Power Distro is a compact rack mount power distribution system that acx-100 ideal for touring PA systems, touring musical and theatrical acts, mobile recording facilities, on location film and video shoots, or any situation where AC power must be distributed to multiple circuits and a hard wired, built in system is missing, inadequate, or impractical.


These are two separate topics. I have three crown xti power amps to run everything separated.

But you’d have “cool” breakers. Mike Pyle Audiopyle Sound Dealer: It keeps the “jokers” guessing which breaker S we’re on when they decide to recycle our stage power for “last call”. Join the HC Newsletter.

ProSoundWeb Community

To tell anyone on a public board, read by weekend warriors, that they should learn to tie in without regard is just plain misguided. In any case, I think you should be prepared for both situations, since you’ll encounter them both Then the lighting guy turned all his crap on at once and popped two of the breakers as we were apparently sharing the power on those two circuits.

Right now you are running gurman of your equipment on one 15Amp circuit if you are using your furman pl plus C for your whole system. This furman handles amps to five “channels” of 20 amps each.

Before I buy a Furman ACD distro, I’d like your opinions

Comprehensive directions accompanying the device guide the individual via the process of choose and terminating the supply cord. I carry a distro, and not once have I axd-100 hooked it up my self and don’t intend to. It ain’t right to bring in an ungrounded circuit, because when the worst happens, like a total short circuit simultaneously on all four or more circuits, illegal over current on the few existing good grounds will occur. Why does everyone seem to want a distro frman requires large range outlets and hot lug tie-ins?

Your idea beats the 3 pin stove plug, especially for rank amateurs. To learn more, visit the Safety Center or click here to report this listing.


How is it wired? The majority of cost-effective product of its type. Again, that’s 80 AMPS! Of course do this again on an outphased circuit, and yes, I’ll getbut where do we stop.

You get potential trouble. I have ffurman that most venues have lots of 15 amp outlets. I also have a bare pigtail for having an electrician tie me in. From the plug on the distro, I’ve got two 60′ sections of cord terminated with the Hubble plugs, and one 30′ section.

And also, with that Furman setup, if say a guitar fyrman had a bad ground, and was on another phase from the mixer, and things worked out like they sometimes do, that guitar player could end up with v running through his chest when he steps up to the mic. Seek professional help the first time s you need to tap in.

Furman ACD ac power distro | Harmony Central

High-inrush magnetic circuit breakers. How many of us sound guys out there that use a distro are qualified electricians? Furmman unreasonable to think you or the venue is going to provide an electrician to you every time you arrive to set up.

Tom Bennett Newbie Offline Posts: Each Furman unit has its own 20 amp breaker. That’s kinda the headache you run into. If you need 30 amps or more per volt circuit, then none of the following applies, especially in smaller night clubs. The Furmann design incorporates four oversized busses, allowing wiring for V or V single phase, or V three phase power.

Important Safety Tips Meet the seller in person and inspect items before paying.