Colonial era depiction of the Tutsi as a superior Hamitic race that invaded Rwanda laid the ground for severe ethnic polarisation. This myth resurfaced in the. Hamitic hypothesis: western Africa: Muslims in western Africa: thus evolved the so-called “Hamitic hypothesis,” by which it was generally supposed that any. The idea of the Hamite developed initially from the Hebrew biblical myth of the origins of humankind; what they called the Table of Nations. In it the sons of Noah .

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To properly capture this ideological genesis, a brief historical account is necessary. Struggles in the Promised Land: Hamitic languages consisted of the BerberCushitic and Egyptian branches of the Afroasiatic family.

A Journal of Opinion, 18 1pp. The Journal of African History.

Hamitic hypothesis

Is this prejudice immediately ascertainable; can its presence be easily shown, particularly among younger scholars? Illicit financial flows thwart human rights and development in Africa. This is just a brief overview of the words origins and uses over the years but there are many more details that can be gone into. For instance, in Rwanda, German and Belgian officials in the colonial period displayed preferential attitudes toward the Tutsis over the Hutu.

And Christians – by allowing such myths to circulate without challenging their basis in Scripture and denouncing those in their community who are connected, directly or even indirectly, to such thinking – disgrace the name of Christ and cause it to be “blasphemed among the unbelievers. Never mind the fact that there is no ethnic group that can be called Semitic as this word refers in the strictest sense to a group of language types and not race or ethnicity.

Journal of International Criminal Justice, 3, pp. Construction, manufacturing sectors main drivers hanitic job creation.

Describing the Ugandan Kingdom of Bugandahe argued that its “barbaric civilization” had arisen from a nomadic pastoralist hammitic who had migrated from the north and was related to the Hamitic Oromo Galla of Ethiopia. However, to justify the myyh of the Canaanites and the seizing of their lands by the Jews it was injected into the Hebrew story that the children of Ham were cursed with slavery and were forever destined to serve their brothers, Shem and Japheth.


The World and Africa: His conclusions would establish the foundation for the American School of anthropology, hzmitic would also influence proponents of polygenism. The Cat’s Paw, London: And in all of this, Holy Writ and evolutionism were twisted together in a diabolical and cruel mixture to achieve the result – all with the acquiescence of the Christian community.


Please see Edith Sanders, “The Hamitic hypothesis: Unfortunately, people like Taylor were – in the main – few and far between. Each of these branches is instead now regarded as an independent subgroup of the larger Afroasiatic family. There, tradition attributes their construction to high-statured cattle herders known as the Wardai, who were an early Eastern Cushitic settler group in the Great Lakes region to the south.

Later writers followed Speke in arguing that the Tutsis had originally migrated into the lacustrine region as pastoralists and had established themselves as the dominant group, having lost their language as they assimilated to Bantu culture. In accordance with Title 17 Hqmitic. Descendants of Noah in Genesis Du Bois — thus argued that “the term Hamite under which millions of Negroes have been characteristically transferred to the white race by some eager scientists” was a tool to create “false writing on Africa”.

With little concern for the available sources, they claim that any reference to migrations from outside Africa results mainly from the attempt to justify colonialism by projecting the colonial situation into the past[ Fleming also asserted that there was a need to “arrest quarter of a century of excessive Anti-Hamitism in African studies”.

Genocide propaganda thrived on the interstices of hxmitic both real and imaginary grievances and rationalised thousandfold murder. In the case of Rwanda, the doctrine took a rather bizarre twist.

Hamitic myth that led to Genocide in Rwanda

The end result of one series of such combinations is to be seen in the Masai [sic], the other in the Baganda, while an even more striking result is offered by the symbiosis of the Bahima of Ankole and the Bahiru [sic].


Attempts by Straus and Yanagizawa-Drott in this regard are ambitious and promising, yet more work needs to be done. He further argued that there were a “multiplicity and variety” of contacts and influences passing between various peoples mtth Africa over time, something that he suggested the “one-directional” Hamitic model obscured.

However, the Bible itself indicates that Noah restricted his curse to the offspring of Ham’s youngest son Canaan, whose descendants occupied the Levantand it was not extended to Ham’s other sons, who had migrated into Africa. Ikirezi bookshop said the book will be available on the local market at Rwf 22, For more information go to: Liberals have a right under such circumstances to question our sincerity.

Huntingfordand as hamiitc Cushites” by George P. In light of this alone I find the idea of denoting a specific racial group by a word derived from a racist and politically motivated myth, not just poor scholarship but actually quite offensive.

The forehead is high and square instead of low and receding; the nose is narrow, with the nostrils straight and not transverse; the chin is small and slightly pointed instead hamituc massive and protruding; the hair is long and not woolly; the lips are thinner than those of the negro and not everted; the expression is intellectual, and indicates a type of mind higher than that of namitic simple negro.

Seemingly irrefutable, the hypothesis and its inflammatory ideological assumptions survived in the catacombs of Rwandan politics, based on fragmentary evidence and ambiguous historiography.

The Myth of the Hamite

The Belgians needed allies, there were simply not enough of them i. Niyonzima, Maximilien et al. Similarly, the Toubou of the Tibesti Mountains were held to have descended from the ancient Garamantes.