Crane chart and more information about the Kobelco Bigge may have Kobelco in its fleet for sale or rent. Contact us by phone, email or chat. Global Official Website of Kobelco Construction Machinery,a leading company of S. Main Specifications. General Dimensions. Catalog Download. S. CONTENTS. 3 SPECIFICATIONS. 5 GENERAL DIMENSIONS. 7 BOOM AND JIB ARRANGEMENTS. 11 WORKING RANGES. 16 SUPPLEMENTAL.

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Excellent transportation features enable Super Fine Filter, a Long-Life Filter for Hydraulic Oil The large-capacity, super-fine filter is made of a high-performance filter medium consisting of glass fiber reinforced with steel wires.

The primary stop function is activated when the boom or tower approaches the critical angle-toground during hoisting.

Trading Business – Kobelco / 7250-2F

Long boom length For greater work efficiency Smooth Operation and Control New Hydraulic System Improves Klbelco Operations In case of luffing tower operation, the aux winch is used for jib hoisting. The upper spreader stowing guide makes it easy to connect guy cables. This is completely interference-free hydraulic circuit to perform smooth combined operation of Open the catalog to page 7. Excellent Transportability and Assembly 5. Open the catalog to page 9.

This also ensures that the guy cables are correctly installed during assembly optional. The perfect answer comes in our new Kobelxo and Versatile Lifting Performance 2.


: Kobelco F Crane Specifications/Load Charts

It is also possible to transport with boom base. This enables the machine with axles to be transported on a trailer. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 2. The stowing bracket makes securely tighten the guy cables on to boom inserts for transportation. Large drum capacities combined with a new hydraulic system promote ultra-smooth operation. Smooth Operation and Control 3.

The rated load, actual load, load ratio, and other information are displayed in large characters. This new system monitors the angle-to-ground of the boom, tower or tower jib with a sensor, and swiftly alerts the operator of danger.

Open the catalog to page 5. Warnings and other items are displayed in color, and text messages and alarms alert the operator to prevent dangerous conditions from developing. Open the catalog to page 8.

To ensure safe assembly and increase actual working hours Excellent Transportability and Assembly Base Machine Width of 3. This results in lower labor and assist-crane costs, and greater productivity on the job.

Precision and high-elevation crane jobs depend on accuracy and speed, whereas heavy-lifting depends on trustworthy power and strength. The width and weight is within 3. This eliminates installation of boom base and boom hoist rope in jobsite, swiftly Open the catalog to page 4. Open the catalog to page 6. Safe,Environmentally-Conscious Design Photos in this catalogue 72550 include optional items.


For the tower, the angle-to-machine is also monitored Hoist winches with powerful linepull are kobslco to handle the toughest jobs. The long boom can be made up of klbelco boom and tower insert jib, to make economic use of attachment components.

Excellent Cab with Enhanced Functions 4. The replacement cycle is extended to four times longer than that of conventional filters to reduce lifelong operating costs.

Maintenance crews can access the entire power plant just by opening the side door. Hydraulic Crawler Crane 5 Major Features 1. Other information can also be displayed, including a rated load chart and rated load curve, in addition to a function that regulates the working Open the catalog to page Design Side-Engine Layout for Easy Maintenance A new engine layout on the side of the machine provides easy access for routine kobepco and servicing.

The adopts one-pump to one-motor system independent hydraulic circuit for main, aux hoist and boom hoist.