Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets: “I have discovered the secrets of Edward Leedskalnin at his Coral Castle. “Read about magnetic current, what it is, how it is made, what makes it, and the way it runs in the wire. Leedskalnin’s Complete Writings. Donate to Receive Leedskalnin’s Original Writings In his book, How To Read His Writings: The Unauthorized Guide to. Buy How To Read His Writings: The Unauthorized Guide to Decoding Edward Leedskalnin’s Works at best price in Dubai – UAE. Shop Passels Information.

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Muhammad Rasheed marked it as to-read Dec 14, Audio book e-versions of the writings are also included. Great insight for anyone wanting to learn cipher as Marlinski points out the sophisticated physical and literary cipher of Leedskalnin. Nearly as mysterious and cryptic as Leedkskalnin, Marliinski warns readers to use their newly found knowledge for tead or face the consequences.

How To Read His Writings: The Unauthorized Guide to Decoding Edward Leedskalnin’s Works

Now you and the field magnet are a generator. Edward Leedskalnin, wrote and published five works. The North and South pole magnets are going in and out of the earth all the time, everywhere and their numbers are limitless.

Marlinski offers readers who are willing to prove themselves worthy an opportunity to access the knowledge of a natural power that seems humanity may have all but intentionally forgotten.

It was a bit hard to follow at first but soon got the hang of reading it. Show the base where it came from, hiss show how the thing functions. The sun is living in a destruction period and the earth in a construction period. Tasha Parks rated it it was amazing Jan 10, For instance you can burn wood or flesh.


Leedskalnin’s first published work entitled, A BOOK IN EVERY HOME, is a nature backed manifesto of philosophical musings offering political guidance for the inexperienced voter, and even parenting advice that includes a separate instruction highlighting the inevitable ramifications of inappropriate love making.

He also “discovered” that the magnetic currents from Ed’s generator rotate in a vortex like motion. He says some books are good now but they wont be 25 years from now. The same magnets can be used to build up some other matter, and whatever the matter is, the magnets peedskalnin always the base of it.

His book, Magnetic Current, is a detailed experimentation manual for researchers interested in learning how to become real scientists through direct experimentation and refined results interpretation methodology. Ed standing near his polar star telescope. The only difference is that an atom has a small orbit, but the perpetual motion holder has a big orbit. If the researchers had used the same kind of equipment I use to demonstrate what magnetic current is, they would have found out a long time ago what electricity is.

You can destroy the body, but you cannot destroy the magnets that held together the body. Brett T Poleshuk rated it it was ok Aug 08, All that will have to be done is to re-magnetize the wire by changing the magnet poles.

How to Read His Writings: The Unauthorized Guide to Decoding Edward Leedskalnin’s Works

Wherever each kind of magnets are running in their way, they are hitting their own kind of magnets and are pushing them in the same direction. Micki rated it liked it Sep 05, Jess rated it it was amazing Apr 26, All books that are written are wrong, the one who is not educated cannot write a book and the one who is educated, is really not educated but he is misled and the one who is misled cannot write a book which is correct.


Privacy Policy – Contact Us. It was called cathode and the positive terminal anode, reqd the electricity that passed from the cathode to the anode was called electrons. I am not an electrical or mechanical engineer. It could be a great book for you but it wasn’t for me.

They only attract if they are running one kind against the other kind. Connect the battery with the electric magnet. I found out that the researchers were misled by wrong instruction books, and by one-sided instruments.

Good Vision Needed for Reading and Writing: Since the individual North and South pole magnets are considered by Leedskalnin to be the base of everything, he is able to move in and out of seemingly unrelated scientific topics with ease drawing awakening correlations between them and shedding light on the true inner workings of our world and universe.

Science of Lasik Surgery vs. But this is terribly inefficient. I thought that if electricity could be made and managed for over a hundred years, and the makers do not know what it is, there is something wrong about it.

Open Preview See a Problem? Now you see why it really does take two horsepower per kilowatt to rotate a generator shaft!

Edward Leedskalnin and his “Big Secret”

Vegetable life is to hold the vegetable matter together leedskkalnin increases in volume. All with far less manpower than the “experts” say must have been used. Contribute via the Paypal button below or send check, cash or money order to: This guy is not a fake. Be the first to rate this product Rate this product: Tips For The Rocket People.